Film & Photographs of 198

The largest known collection of photographs, and other related image material, regarding 198 Squadron RAF and its personnel is held by 198 Archives in Carmarthenshire, Wales.

Unfortunately they do not offer a photographic service and as such most of their material, which in many cases is unique and extremely rare, is not generally available although they have been known to supply documentary film and broadcasting companies with previousely unpublished photographs from their collections.
Below is 198 Archives last known list of photographic holdings regarding the Squadron which no doubt has changed since it was published some two years ago.


F/O J. L. Allan, RCAF - Flt/Lt C. R. Abbott RCAF - Flt/Lt R. Armstrong, RAFVR - Sqn/Ldr J. R. Baldwin, RAF
F/O L. F. Bastin, Belg - Flt/Sgt F. Bonnet, Free French - W/Co R. E. P. Brooker RAF - Lt P. Brisdoux, Free French
F/O M. Broadhurst, RAFVR - Sqn/Ldr J. M. Bryan RAF - F/O A. L. Bryant, RAFVR - W/Co W. C. Button RAF
P/O D. J. Campbell, RCAF - P/O R. T. Casey, RAAF - Flt/Lt J. G. Champion, RAFVR - F/O G. H. Coleshill, RAFVR
Flt/Lt D. C. Colebrook RAF - P/O C. Coulson, RAFVR - P/O P. D. Cross, RAFVR - P/O R. C. A. Crouch, RAFVR
Flt/Lt R. J. Dall, RNZAF - F/O J. L. Darby, RCAF - Sqn/Ldr I. J. Davies, RAF - Flt/Lt R. H. Deugo, RCAF
W/Co W. Dring, RAFVR - Sqn/Ldr N. J. Durrant, RAF - F/O W. G. Eagle, RAFVR
Sqn/Ldr Y. P. E. H. Ezanno, Free French - F/O D. G. Ford, RAFVR - P/O J. S. Fraser Petherbridge, RAFVR
F/O H. Freeman, RCAF - F/O A. R. Hallett, RAFVR - Flt/Sgt F. S. Hammond, RAFVR - F/O G. E. Hardy, RCAF
F/O K. Johnson, RAFVR - P/O E. G. Kirk, RAAF - Flt/Sgt A. B. Kirkwood, RAFVR - Flt/Lt L. V. Kirsch, RCAF
Sqn/Ldr R. Lallemant, Belg - P/O S. G. Lane, RAFVR - Flt/Lt F. B. Lawless, RNZAF - Flt/Lt E. Linter, RAFVR
P/O B. C. Lumsden, RNZAF - F/O J. A. MacDonald, RCAF - F/O H. H. MacKenzie, RCAF
F/O J. S. Madgett, RAFVR - Sqn/Ldr J. Manak, Cz - P/O D. W. Mason, RAAF - F/O M. A. Milich, RNZAF
P/O H. Morley, RAFVR - P/O W. I. Mouat, RCAF - Sqn/Ldr J. Niblett, RAF - Flt/Lt O. H. Oden, RNZAF
LAC I. Palmer, RAFVR - Flt/Lt D. P. Perrin, RNZAF - P/O G. Plamondon, RCAF - P/O L. Plows, RAFVR
P/O C. G. Points, RAFVR - LAC C. Prosser, RAFVR - Flt/Lt N. C. Pye, RAFVR - Sqn/Ldr A. Ridler, RAF
Flt/Lt P. Roper, RAFVR - Sgt C. R. Rouse, RAFVR - Flt/Lt J. Scambler, RCAF - P/O J. E. N. C. Scoon, Trin
P/O L. W. Sellman, RAFVR - Flt/Lt G. Sheppard, RAFVR - W/O A. Sibbald, RAFVR - Flt/Lt V. Smith, RAFVR
W/O G. J. Stokes, RAAF - W/O C. E. Stratford, RAFVR - Flt/Lt D. Sweeting, RAFVR - Flt/Sgt R. A. Thursby, RAFVR P/O E. Vallely, RAFVR - F/O W. R. Widdess, RCAF - Flt/Lt J. F. H. Williams, RCAF


Ishmael Palmer RAFVR Collection - Arthur Bryant RAFVR Collection - Tony Hallett RAFVR Collection
Charles Stratford RAFVR Collection - Edward Kirk RAAF Collection - Douglas Ford RAFVR Collection
Charles Prossor RAFVR Collection

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Three of the most commonly reproduced photographs of 198 Squadron RAF's aircraft and personnel can be viewed by clicking on the link below.
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